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Reusable Cold Packs

For emergency use straight from your freezer. A cold compress helps to reduce swelling/soft tissue injury. This cold gel pack can be used over and over again, that's why they are so popular in schools. Keep several of these low cost cold packs in your freezer ready for use.  Due to our special gel and packaging, our packs stay flexible and colder for longer!

Cold packs are a must for convenient and effective cold therapy first aid treatment. Use a disposable barrier sleeve to minimize cross-infection. Instructions also advise the use of a towel between pack and skin.

These reusable gel packs can even be warmed up in hot water or the microwave for a quick hot pack! A hot compress helps to relieve muscular aches/pains.

Waddington's branded Reusable Cold packs are manufactured in South Australia and are TGA listed ARTG 129618. Our reusable cold/hot packs are considered non-toxic/non-hazardous, under the current regulations for hazardous substances and do not require an SDS.

Need instant cold packs, without the need for refrigeration? We manufacture them in South Australia also, see here.