Troubleshooting - Quick Solutions

1. The program will not accept my unlock code.
-If purchased on CD, make sure you are not trying to open Coach Express directly from the CD. Always open Coach Express from the CoachExpress folder on your actual computer. Remove your CD to be sure you are not trying to open a shortcut link to the CD.
-If downloaded from the Internet, make sure you have fully extracted the CoachExpress folder from the zip file. Do not try to open the program from the Winzip Window.
-When you type you username, make sure you have spaces and capital letters where shown on your Unlock Registration details. Do not allow spaces or paragraph spaces at the start or end of your username or unlock code.

2. What is the default Admin password?
I clicked the Change User button, now Coach Express is asking me for a password. The default Admin pw is 'admin'.

3. I deleted the original Administrator user account, exited Coach Express and now I can not get back into the program because I have no other user accounts.
Never delete the main Administrator user account. If you can not get back into Coach Express, contact us and we should be able to get you up and running with an Administrator user account again. However this will involve you sending your CoachExpress data file to us.