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Waddington Instant Exploded Dictionary Second Edition - eBook

This Second Edition will better enable classroom teachers to immerse their students in words that are highly useful for writing, typing and texting, as opposed to those mainly centred on speech. Set out in dictionary fashion, students will develop learner independence word search skills without having someone else actually writing the word for them or having to use a dictionary. Most common texting terms and online acronyms have been presented on their own poster pages after the general word poster lists.

With the help of a printer, each page, or set of pages, can be enlarged under Educational Statutory Licence to A3 size and displayed around the room or reduced for individual student use.

Besides nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives, other more specific words are included (Past tenses, mathematic recording words - colours, numbers, basic concept words, direction and metric words, States, capital cities & common countries).

Over 700 most sought after words and more than 120 common texting terms and online acronyms. 59p.

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