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Eye & Ear Testing Pack Second Edition

This Second Edition hardcopy contains many innovative resources and a re-written support manual. Includes both Long and Near Vision Test Charts and updated norms constructed from the in-school testing of 290 students from a near country government R-7 school in South Australia.

Equips teachers to seek medical attention for children with vision and/or hearing problems. Very useful for diagnosing or heading-off student learning difficulties. Studies have found that approximately 20% of Australian students have unsatisfactory and poorly detected vision problems. Could your students be better performers?

Excellent book to accompany the Diagnostic Reading & Spelling Tests.
-6 eye tests (including newly updated and standardized Long and Near Vision Screening Eye Test charts).
-6 hearing tests (incl. Auditory Discrimination Test).
-Comprehensive, streamlined indicator and assessment checklists.
-Checklists to improve vision and auditory performance in the classroom.
-INCLUDES A Set of 4 NEW certified Irlen Coloured Overlays - Blue (Turqoise), Yellow (Goldenrod), Red (Rose) and Green.
No extra special equipment required.

eBook version also available (does not include Irlen overlays) Overlays can be purchased separately also. Click Teaching Resources in the above menu to order.