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Waddington's Early Years Student Word Book - Classic 1st Edition

with all new full colour real life photographic representations for every alphabet letter!

FREE Download Library Area for Classic 1st Edition

 Easily create your own little student Word Books using this eBook master file!

Designed to be used by junior students as an aid for compiling and retrieving words used in their written language. Develop greater learner independence by having students take control of their learning to write and spell. If you wish to buy these Word Books already printed with a classy gold print on maroon cover, we still supply them (click Teaching Resources in the top menu).

Our Word Books provide clear picture clues for each letter so that children can quickly identify them without confusion. This eliminates a lot of the unnecessary problems children with learning difficulties sometimes face when they need to efficiently learn the sound each letter makes. The pictures can be coloured and the useful name and address page can be completed by the student. The commonly used words are included to save teacher time in possibly having to rewrite the same words for many students. The exclusive Sounds page assists key phonic strategies where similar sounds are logically grouped. Students have been known to use this Sounds page as an aid to decoding difficult words in their general reading and many teachers have been known to place a copy of the Word book cover and/or Sounds page on student desks for immediate reference. Finally, the inside back cover presents additional commonly used words for numbers, months, days and colours.

If you simply click the link, the eBook will automatically open in your browser. If you want to save the file first, right click on the link and select "Save Target As". Most users will run the Standard A5 File (all pages in landscape and none rotated) to obtain an A5 sized Word Book or an A6 size if your print driver supports book and auto page rotation modes. In this case, ensure your print driver can auto rotate pages when duplex printing. If not, you may need to use the Auto Rotated A5 file. This file presents every second page inverted. Even if your print driver supports auto rotation mode, you may still require this Auto Rotated A5 file so that you can print to both sides of a page in 'book' mode (A5 on A4 mode - 2 page spreads per A4 sheet) thus creating an economical A6 sized Word Book requiring only 7 sheets per student.

Download Standard A5 File Here

Download Auto Rotated A5 File Here

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