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Beat the Clock! Level 2 Student Workbook See also Beat the Clock! Level 1 and Beat the Clock! Level 3

This sample page shows how Beat the Clock! Level 2 introduces and strengthens student addition skills. However, Beat the Clock! carefully covers all 4 basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The students use the dots to visualizing number bonding strategies (e.g. creating tens) as well as assist with adding the numerals. They progress to the abstract examples. They write their answers directly inside the boxes (as is done in Level 1) then between the lines.

Students can be timed to complete each section. For example, in the first week, the students can be given 2 minutes to complete only section 1. Once complete, the students hold up a different coloured pen, or swap books, for marking. The teacher reads out the answers (Teacher's Book available). A mark out of 10 is obtained and the students then colour in the graph at the rear of the book, according to their mark. Then the students progress to section 1 subtraction, followed by multiplication and then division.

There are 4 x 20 sections in each Beat the Clock! book. Each weekly session exposes the students to 4 x 10 questions. Therefore, there are enough activities for 20 weeks if all four activities are done in a week. Student books have printed card covers as shown above and are ready for colouring/decorating.

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