This screen shot is an example of one of the morning screens. Click it to enlarge the screen shot then hit your back button to return here.

Names are fictitious.

Type can be added to each day on the calendar. Lengthy messages can be read or printed from the Messages window. Clicking 'My Class' provides an instant snapshot of Absence, Consent and Borrowing status for all students in your class for the day showing at the top.

Clicking the Students button takes you to student records, subjects and many other school related items.

The dynamic class list floating palette sorts by year level for mixed grade classes and allows you to instantly list any home or subject class in the school. You go to related records by simply clicking on the student's name. What you see is what you get whether you work on a school networked computer or from your home via the internet. You'll be amazed at the power of this overall school database solution.