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"As a practising teacher and manager of a private reading tuition centre, I have found Reader Express to be a truly remarkable tool. With RE, my students are quickly and accurately matched to text appropriate to their reading age (obtained from the Waddington reading assessment). Providing text at the right level is crucial for developing the student's reading skills and for enhancing their self-esteem and interest in reading. It has eliminated problems of readers being too difficult or not sufficiently challenging for the individual student. One of the tutors in my tuition centre correctly summed up RE as "spot on" for matching readers and texts.


Reader Express allows me to give parents a guide to suitable texts that they can use to help their child at home and makes it so easy to use more than one reading scheme to ensure even skill development. In the classroom setting, I have found Reader Express to be useful across all primary grades and a particularly effective means of identifying children in the early grades who are at risk of reading difficulties."  ES - Teacher / Private Tutor, Narellan NSW


"The Waddington Spelling and Reading Tests are used at the beginning of each school year on all Junior Primary Students (6 years of age) and at the end of the school year to compare learning growth. The Reader Express CD Rom was accessed to make up a coloured alphabet chart. Found it relatively easy to install, some difficulty with installing font, but found the company extremely helpful and backup assistance was wonderful. Alphabet charts were reproduced on A4 and are used in Story writing (initial sounds and blending to make words) and Spelling to associate the same initial sound for different words eg. s-snake is also s-sun. Individual pictures with their letter sound have been reproduced and are on display within the classroom. Their Alphabet Resource Book also has very good ideas and activities." JR and JG - Teacher / School Services Officer, Robe SA


"A short comment on Reader Express... how about........... 10 words is way too short to be able to have people understand how useful it has been in our small international school. OIS Teachers comment: Reader Express has given us an International bench mark, on which to set children's reading, that has previously not been available." DK, South Korea


"Reader Express is extremely useful ensuring that our kids get appropriate level reading matter. Itís fantastic and really saves us hours of work." DP, Learning Support Teacher, Avoca State School QLD


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