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LOW COST ASTHMA SPACERS - Reusable at a disposable price!

Don't waste your money on cost-ineffective disposable cardboard spacers which have to be thrown away after one use. Promote true single-person use of asthma spacers, whilst also saving the planet, via low-cost reusable spacers. We've brought the price down on reusable quality compact spacers so that you can label them with the child's name for next time or on-supply to the parents. This in turn promotes proper spacer education and also implements the single-person use policy pro-actively. Using disposable cardboard spacers do little more than attend to a problem once-off, then throwing money into the bin, without dealing with the core purpose of why a single-person use policy has been established.

Our low-cost reusable quality spacers are most cost-efficient under the bulk 10 buy deal.

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Information about these Spacers: La Petite Spacer by Bird Healthcare Australia

Re-usable quality for single-person use at a disposable unit price. Compact quality asthma inhaler spacer with one way valve. 220ml anti-static. Size approx. 5.5cm x 15cm. Small enough to easily fit into first aid kits such as yard duty belt bags. Made of robust materials and proper size to handle so it can be used confidently. We offer these proper sized and re-usable quality spacers so that they can be labelled/given to the user for re-use. Units come in tamper evident packaging so you know if it has been opened. See our bulk 10 unit buy offer for lower price, comparable in price to disposable cardboard units sold by others elsewhere.

220ml Anti-Static
Anti-Microbial Valved Portable Asthma Spacer
Clinically advanced with proven and patented butterfly one way Valve Technology
Made with Environmentally friendly and durable materials
E-Chamber designed to optimize delivery of metered dose inhaler (MDI) asthma medication. E-Chamber makes available more of the smaller medication particles, those that can reach deep into the peripheral airways. E-Chamber has been clinically demonstrated to provide rapid lung function improvement when compared to drug delivered via jet nebulizer and competitive asthma spacers.
Designed to optimize patient value and ease-of-use, E-Chamber's design facilitates cleaning and provides longer trouble-free performance.

Removes the need of perfect timing
Improves inhaler technique and drug delivery to the lungs
Suitable for all popular MDI’s (puffers)
Usage: Adult and children
MDI can be stored inside spacer
Coaching signal assists in training
Discreet, compact
Comes boxed with instructions and tamper evident bag.

BULK Buy of 10 units available at greatly reduced cost. See product listing AS10.

NOTE: The Australian Asthma Foundation now promotes single person use of spacers to minimize cross-infection. However, in an emergency, if a spacer is not available, administer the puffer anyway. It's always good practice to have a ready supply of alcohol swabs for cleaning/disinfecting the puffer and spacer before and after every use, even if it is believed the units are being used by the same person. Spacers and puffer outers should also be washed regularly in warm water with a mild disinfectant.