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FAKHO - First Aid Kit Home/Off-Road/Workplace Kit (shown above in Medium Box but contents also supplied separately)

First Aid Kit for Home/Off-Road and National SafeWork Australia Comprehensive

Application - for any workplace across all Australian states

The must have general first aid kit for the house, workplace, caravan or other off-road and remote situations, in a portable, medium sized hard plastic box with two fold out trays or backpack premium (shown below). Box size is approx. 40cmLx20cmHx23cmW, backpack size is approx. 38cmH x 30cmW x 17cmD - Only weighs 4kg full!.

Kit box supplied with NEW 3M REFLECTIVE top quality weather-proof vinyl first aid striping on 2 sides, and NEW 3M reflective First Aid Kit label complying with Australian Standards for first aid labelling. Backpack premium comes with brilliant white print on first aid green background, also complying with Australian Standards for first aid signage

This comprehensive kit includes all the essential items listed by the National Safe Work Australia Code for all workplaces across all Australian States PLUS the Outdoor, Remote and Burn Modules, whilst also meeting the 19 listed items and all optional inclusions as documented by Standards Aust Class A Kit AS2675. This kit also contains other items that will meet diverse as well as recurring first aid situations in the home and when away from home in off-road situations (such as digital thermometer with fever alert, Clear-up, cotton tips, reusable hot/cold pack,  vomit bag, wound closures, eye bath and stainless steel shears which cut through practically anything). Businesses, farms and other organizations would be wise to have a kit like this on their premises in case of the unexpected. Can you demonstrate your duty of care otherwise?

This kit is also manufactured in Australia using only brand new quality components made in Australia and/or sourced overseas with long useby dates. As a major supplier of first aid kits to schools, you can be assured that you will receive top quality at a genuine wholesale price. Supplied as contents only or in a container as shown - please check your order code to ensure you get what you need.

Contents: Use:
1. Adhesive Tape -2.5cm hypoallergenic Secure dressings/bandages.
2. Antiseptic Cream -tube 25g For minor wounds/stings/bites/rash.
3. Antiseptic Povidone Iodine -4 swabs For minor wounds and grazes.
4. Antiseptic/Sting Relief Spray -50ml For minor wounds/stings/bites/rash.
5. Bag -vomit twist-lock Large vomit bag with rigid opening.
6. Bags -Zip-lock Small/Med/Large Carry water, severed parts..
7. Bandage -3 conforming gauze 5cm Secure dressings.
8. Bandage -3 conforming gauze 7.5cm Secure dressings.
9. Bandage -2 crepe 10&15cm heavy weight Support, compression, snake bite.
10. Bandage -2 triangular Use as bandage,sling,shade,mask..
11. Blanket -1 emergency rescue thermo foil To protect from the elements..
12. Burn Gel -8 hydro gel 3.5g sachets Only if 20min running water unavailable
13. Burn Dressings -2 Hydro gel 10x10cm or to place over burn after at least 20 mins of water cooling prior to medial aid.
14. Burn Sheets -clean polythene (SML) Place on washed burn prior to medical aid.
15. Burn Treatment Instructions-card&poster Efficient response for burns first aid.
16. Clear-Up -vomit/spill clean-up powder Deodorizes, neutralizes & helps clean.

Clear-Up® vomit and spill remover powder pack - Large 100g sachet pack. Cleans and deodorizes. Lifts off vomit, dirt and most stains, even on carpet! Simply sprinkle Clear-Up® powder on spill to instantly remove bad smells, absorb liquids, neutralize acids and cling to spillage, including existing dirt and stains. Exclusively manufactured in Australia only by us and used by thousands of schools for over 20 years. In the words of one of our many satisfied school customers, "Worth its weight in gold." If you've ever been faced by a vomit spill, you'll wonder how you ever coped before Clear-Up®. A must have in the car or in the home and workplace, even effective removing graffiti!
17. Cold Pack -instant ice cold To reduce swelling/soft tissue injury.
18. Cold/Hot Pack -reusable To reduce swelling/soft tissue injury.
19. Cotton Tip Buds -100 General cosmetic cleaning.
20. Dressing -6 small 5x5cm Non-adherent wound cover.
21. Dressing -3 medium 7.5x10cm Non-adherent wound cover.
22. Dressing -3 (10x10,combine9x20,20x20) Highly absorbent for large bleeds.
23. Dressing -3 island (S,M,L) Adhesive surround sterile dressings.
24. Dressing -1 wound BPC no.14 Combined 12x12 dressing/bandage.
25. Dressing -1 wound BPC no.15 Combined 18x18 dressing/bandage.
26. Dressing strip -1m cut to length Adhesive with central non-stick dressing.
27. Dressing strips -50 assorted Minor sterile wound coverings.
28. Dressing Wound Closures -pk of 3 Adhesive wound closure strips.
29. Eye Bath -foreign eye matter removal Fill with water & gently hold over open eye.
30. Eye Pads -4 single use Sterile eye cover dressing.
31. Eye / Wound Wash -8 15ml saline Eye and wound irrigation wash.
32. First Aid Notes Basic Basic Notes+CPR flow-chart. Workcover NSW approved P0419
33. Gloves -5 pairs nitrile disposable To minimise cross-infection.
34. Medicine Measure For measuring liquid/medicine dose.
35. Note Pad + Pen Record injury / illness.
36. Resuscitation Mask -CPR single use CPR device to minimise cross-infection.
37. Resuscitation Flow Chart CPR instructions.
38. Safety Pins -12 As required.
39. Scissors Shears -stainless steel Cut dressings, bandages, clothing etc..
40. Splinter Forceps -stainless steel 12.5cm To remove splinters.
41. Splinter Probes -10 disposable To remove splinters.
42. Swabs -10 alcohol To clean instruments.
43. Swabs -10 cetrimide 1% To clean wounds.
44. Swabs -5 gauze pack of 5 7.5x7.5cm General sterile cleaning.
45. Thermometer -measure body temp Place in arm pit. When ready, read temp.
46. Tissues -pack of 10 General facial cleaning.
47. Torch & Whistle Night emergencies & attracting attention.
Now includes FREE upgrade to 10 in 1 survival tool (see below).
48. Box - medium with 2 fold-out trays and reflective labeling according to Australian Standards. Australian made.

All these Home/Off-Road/Comprehensive Workplace Kits include FREE Torch/Whistle upgrade to our NEW 10 in 1 Survival Tool:

Therapeutic Goods Administration Registered
ARTG 129950 First Aid Kits- GMDN Code 11723
Brands &/or specifications may alter slightly at times.

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