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FAKSLM - First Aid Kit NEW Sports Large (shown above in FABM Box Medium)

Medium kit box with 2 fold-out trays and supplied with NEW 3M REFLECTIVE top quality weather-proof vinyl first aid striping on 2 sides. A quality Australian made box with First Aid Kit label complying with Australian Standards for first aid labeling.

Complies with National SafeWork Australia Code for essential workplace contents including outdoor module, Australian Standards Class A, AS2675, Sports Module and extra items to meet the needs of basic sports related injuries.

Contents: Use:

1. Adhesive Tape -elastic bandage 5cm Secure and support.
2. Adhesive Tape -paper 2.5cm Secure dressings/bandages.
3. Adhesive Tape -rigid strap 2.5 & 3.8 Secure and support.
4. Antiseptic -6 povidone iodine To disinfect grazes/wounds.
5. Antiseptic/Sting Relief Spray 50ml For minor wounds/stings/bites/rashes.
6. Bags -3 resealable For waste,water, ice,severed parts.
7. Bandage -3 conforming gauze 5cm Secure dressings.
8. Bandage -3 conforminggauze7.5cm Secure dressings.
9. Bandage -1 heavy crepe 5cm Compress and support.
10. Bandage -2 heavy crepe 7.5cm Compress and support.
11. Bandage -2 heavy crepe 10cm Compress and support.
12. Bandage -1 heavy crepe 15cm Compress and support.
13. Bandage -2 triangular Bandage, sling, mask, hat, shade..
14. Bandage Clips -4 To secure bandage ends.
15. Blankets -2 emergency foil thermo To protect from the elements.
16. Burn Gel -5 hydro gel sachets Use only if 20mins of clean water not available.
17. Cold Packs -2 instant ice cold To reduce soft tissue injury.
18. Dressing -6 Island (2xS, 2xM, 2xL) Sterile wound cover & adhesive surround.
19. Dressing -6 small 5x5cm Non-adherent sterile wound cover.
20. Dressing -3 medium 7.5x10cm Non-adherent sterile wound cover.
21. Dressing -2 (10x10cm & combine) Highly absorbent for large bleeds.
22. Dressing -wound BPC no.14 Combined 12x12cm dressing & bandage.
23. Dressing -wound BPC no.15 Combined 18x18cm dressing & bandage.
24. Dressing Strips -50 assorted shapes and sizes Minor wound cover.
25. Dressing Strip -1m Cut pad/plaster to size.
26. Dressing Wound Closures -pk3 To help close a wound.
27. Eye Pads -4 Sterile eye cover dressing.
28. Eye/Wound Wash -8 15ml saline Eye and wound wash irrigation.
29. First Aid Notes Basic Basic instructions only. Learn first aid.
30. Gloves -5 pairs (latex-free) To protect against disease.
31. Note Pad & Pen Record injury/illness data.
32. Resuscitation Flow Chart CPR instructions.
33. Resuscitation Face Shield CPR barrier device to minimize cross-infection
34. Safety Pins -12 As required.
35. Scissors/Shears stainless steel Cut dressings, bandage, clothing etc..
36. Splinter Forceps Splinter removal.
37. Splinter Probes -10 disposable To help remove splinters.
38. Swabs -10 alcohol To clean instruments.
39. Swabs -10 cetrimide 1% To clean wounds.
40. Swabs -5 gauze pack of 5 General wound cleaning.
41. Tissues -10 pack Facial tissues use as required.
42. Box - Medium - 2 fold-out trays, reflective striping and first aid labelling according to Australian Standards.
43. Contents listing label -Quick reference label for finding/replacing contents as well as quickly understanding their use.

Therapeutic Goods Administration Registered
ARTG 129950 First Aid Kits- GMDN Code 11723
Brands &/or specifications may alter slightly at times.

FAKSLBP - First Aid Kit NEW Sports Large (shown above in FABPP Backpack Premium)


FAKSLL - First Aid Kit Sport Large in Box Large (FABL)

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