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FAKC - First Aid Kit Sport Small Essential (shown above in FABSP First Aid Bag Small Premium)

Essential compact first aid kit for individuals and small sporting teams such as basketball, netball, cricket, tennis etc.. Very compact for easy transportation between venues with essential contents to cover core risks during play both indoors and outdoors. Small, robust premium green zip bag with multiple internal easy see-through compartments, external signage according to Australian Standards and high-visibility reflective stripe. This kit is recommended for individuals and small teams. If you need a larger club based kit, please see our large sport kit FAKSLM.

Size approx. 20cmL x 13cmH x 9cmW and only 850g weight. This kit is great value when you consider its contents - in particular the strapping tape, stainless steel instruments and assorted antiseptics and dressings. You will not find a kit like this anywhere else apart from our own company website. Manufactured in Australia using only brand new quality components made in Australia and/or sourced overseas. If you are coaching or managing sporting teams, then this kit could help to alleviate possible injury at a critical time. Several items exclusively made in Australia for our tough conditions that you won't find in imported kits! Best of all, you can buy all items individually from us if you ever need replacements.

Contents: Use:
1. Adhesive Tape -1 rigid strapping 3.8cm Secure/support dressings/joints.
2. Antiseptic -2 povidone-iodine For disinfecting minor grazes/wounds.
3. Antiseptic -2 multi-purpose For minor wound/sting/bite/itch/rash/burn.
4. Bandage -1 c/gauze 7.5cm Secure dressings, small joints.
5. Bandage -1 crepe heavy10cm Support/pressure bandage incl. snakebite.
6. Bandage -1 triangular Use as bandage, sling, mask, shade etc..
7. Blanket -1 foil thermo emergency To protect from the elements.
8. Cold Pack -1 instant ice cold Reduce soft tissue injury.
9. Dressing -3 Island (1x5 2x7.5) Large self adhesive sterile dressings.
10. Dressing -1 non-adherent Wound cover.
11. Dressing -1 wound BPC no.14 Combined thick 12x12cm pad + bandage.
12. Dressings -20 strips assorted Small self adhesive sterile dressings.
13. Eye Pads -2 Eye cover/dressing.
14. Eye/Wound Wash -1 saline Eye and wound irrigation.
15. First Aid Notes Basic Basic Notes+CPR flow-chart. Workcover NSW approved P0419
16. Gloves -1 pair nitrile (latex-free) To minimize cross-infection.
17. Note Pad + Pen Record injury, take notes.
18. Resuscitation face shield CPR barrier device to minimize cross-infection.
19. Safety Pins -5 assorted As required.
20. Scissors -12.5cm stainless steel Cut dressing/bandage.
21. Scissors -nail clippers Clip nails to minimize player scratching.
22. Splinter Forceps -12.5cm stainless steel Splinter removal.
23. Splinter Probe -1 disposable Splinter removal - single use.
24. Swabs -2 alcohol To clean instruments.
25. Swabs -2 cetrimide 1% -no sting To clean wounds, hands etc..
26. Swabs -1 gauze pack of 5 sterile General wound cleaning.
27. Tissues -10 pack Facial tissues - use as required.
28. Dual zippered premium green bag with multiple internal see-through pocket sections. Unlike some other brand kits, everything you see in our pictures will be in your kit (if not the same brands, equal, improved or better substitutes). Marked with first aid signage according to Australian Standards.
29. Contents listing label -Quick reference label for finding/replacing contents as well as quickly understanding their use.

Therapeutic Goods Administration Registered
ARTG 129950 First Aid Kits- GMDN Code 11723
Brands &/or specifications may alter slightly at times.

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