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FAKSTW - First Aid Kit Small Travel/Work in Bag Small Premium

Based on the National SafeWork Australia Code with fewer multiple units, this kit has been approved by the Australian Federal Government Department for Environment and Energy for personal use in work situations and where a first aid kit is required when overseas. Given this kit's features and wide application, it's the perfect solution for anyone wanting a first aid kit for overseas travel, including work and/or holiday activities.
TGA ARTG 129950 First Aid Kits - GMDN Code 11723 
Very compact and light-weight - 22cmW x 14cmH x 11cmD, 740g with all listed contents. Carefully and cleverly organised according to item type and emergency need. Flexible enough to fit inside other luggage or on a belt via the rear wide thick loops. Neatly packed in our new light-weight premium kit bag made from top quality robust 600D water repelling canvas material with industrial dual zips, fold-out multiple see-through compartments (you instantly see all product labels as the individual manufacturers intended) and a large deep, separate, internal, dual zipped, see-through compartment. High visibility day time and nigh time reflective panel on the front. Dedicated sections for antiseptics, dressings, burns response, emergency thermo blanket, instruments, bandages, resuscitation face shield and instant ice pack.
This kit is exclusively manufactured to our advanced design based on our 30 years experience in the Australian first aid industry and hundreds longer in textiles here and in England. Official first aid kit identification on the front is according to Australian Standards using the internationally recognised green for first aid with ultra bright white cross and lettering. In emergencies and when going through airports, customs and other travel check-points, you want everyone to know instantly that this is a dedicated first aid kit. Items included are based on indoor and outdoor risk assessments, quality, varied applications and some exclusively made only in Australia and not found in imported kits, stores or kits sold by others.  

Contents & Use:    

1. Adhesive tape hypoallergenic Secure dressings/joints.

2. Antiseptic Swabs -cetrimide 1% towelettes -5 To clean wounds.

3. Bags -re-sealable -2 Carry water/parts/waste.

4. Bandage -5cm c/gauze -2 Secure dressings/support.

5. Bandage -10cm c/gauze Secure dressings/support.

6. Bandage -10cm heavy crepe Support/pressure (e.g. snakebite).

7. Bandage -triangular For bandage, sling, mask, shade. Includes safety pin.

8. Blanket Foil Emergency Thermo To protect from the elements.

9. Burn Gel sachets -2 For minor burns & sunburn.

10. Burn Gel dressing -10x10 If clean running water unavailable.

11. Cold Ice Pack - instant Compact size. To help cool quickly and reduce soft tissue injury without refrigeration.

12. Dressing -combine 10x20cm Sterile wound cover for large bleeds.

13. Dressing -non-adherent 5x5cm -2 Sterile wound cover.

14. Dressing -non-adherent 7.5x10cm Sterile wound cover.

15. Dressing -non-adherent 10x10cm Sterile wound cover.

16. Dressing strips -25 regular hypoallergenic and latex-free Minor wound cover.

17. Dressing- wound + bandage No14 Combined dressing & bandage for large bleeds/wounds.

18. Eye Pads -2 Sterile eye/wound cover.

19. Eye/wound wash -2 Sterile eye and wound irrigation.

20. First Aid Notes Basic General first aid instructions.  (NSW Workcover Approval P0419)Easy to read and cleverly simplified for fast responses. Includes easy CPR flow-chart as per Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines. Australian made.  Includes FREE download link for future UPDATES!

21. First Aid Note Pad & Pen Recording first aid, treatment and other notes.

22. Gloves -Nitrile (latex-free) -2 pairs To help protect against disease.

23. Resuscitation Face Shield CPR barrier device -single use With built-in dedicated rigid mouth piece and one-way valve to help minimize cross-infection.

24. Safety pins -12 assorted As required. Sizes range from nappy size to small.

25. Scissors -shears, blunt ends stainless steel Will cut through clothing and virtually anything else, even thin metal.

26. Splinter forceps -tweezers, blunt precision ends Splinter removal.

27. Splinter/dressing forceps -plastic Splinter removal/swab & dressing forceps.

28. Splinter probes -2 Splinter removal, disposable with caps To assist difficult splinter removal.

29. Swabs -gauze pack of 5 General wound cleaning.

30. Bag Premium Containing multiple see-through access pockets and a large deep internal zippered compartment.

These kits are listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.
TGA ARTG 129950 First Aid Kits - GMDN Code 11723

Pictures show inside the kit, including the back of fold-out pockets and what it looks like from the front when zipped up. Although the content of this kit has been constructed and trialed carefully for trouble-free passage through customs and airports around the world, including approval for overseas use by the Federal Department of Conservation and Energy, we can not guarantee this will always be the case with all inspection personnel or in all countries

Brands and/or specifications may alter slightly at times.

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