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FAKSWE - National Safe Work Australia Essential Workplace Kit (shown above in low cost FACP First Aid Case Premium or below in FAKSWEM First Aid Box Medium with 2 fold-out trays, FAKSWEBP First Aid Backpack premium or FAKSWEW First Aid Wall Cabinet
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This is the NEW NATIONAL SAFE WORK AUSTRALIA APPROVED ESSENTIAL KIT as recommended by the National Safe Work Australia body for use in all workplaces across Australia.

Meets all recommended general item requirements as documented by the National Safe Work Australia Code of Practice for First Aid in the Workplace (July 2012).

1. Adhesive tape -2.5cm hypoallergenic - Secure dressings/bandages.
2. Antiseptic/Sting Relief Spray -50ml - To disinfect grazes/wounds.
3. Bags -Zip-lock Small/Med/Large - Carry water, severed parts..
4. Bandage -3 c/gauze 5cm - Secure dressings.
5. Bandage -3 c/gauze 7.5cm - Secure dressings.
6. Bandage -1 crepe 10cm heavy weight
- Support, compression, snake bite. Heavy-weight elasticized!
7. Bandage -2 triangular premium quality - Use as bandage or sling.
8. Blanket -1 emergency rescue thermo foil - To protect from the elements.
9. Burn Aid -5 Hydro gel 3.5g sachets - For burns only when 20mins of clean running water not available.
13. Dressing -6 small 5x5cm - Nonadherent wound cover.
14. Dressing -3 medium 7.5x10cm - Nonadherent wound cover.
15. Dressing -2 large 10x10cm & 9x20cm - Highly absorbent for large bleeds.
16. Dressing -wound BPC no.14 - Combined dressing/bandage.
17. Dressing -wound BPC no.15 - Combined dressing/bandage.
18. Dressing strips -50 - Minor wound cover.
19. Eye Pads -4 single use - Sterile eye cover dressing.
20. First Aid Instructions - General instructions (NSW Workcover Approval P0419). Easy to read and cleverly simlified for fast responses.
21. First Aid Record Bk/pen - Record injury / illness.
22. Gloves -10 latex-free, disposable nitrile - To protect against disease. As used by ambulance and hospital workers.
23. Instant Ice Pack - To reduce swelling/soft tissue injury.
24. Resuscitation face shield - CPR barrier device.
25. Resuscitation Flow Chart - CPR instructions.
26. Safety pins -12 assorted - As required.
27. Saline -8 15ml - Eye and wound wash.
28. Scissors -stainless steel 12.5cm - Cut dressing/bandage.
29. Splinter forceps -stainless st 12cm - To remove splinters.
30. Splinter probe -10 disposable - To remove splinters.
31. Swabs -10 cetrimide 1% - To clean wounds.
32. Swabs -5 gauze pack of 5 7.5x7.5cm - General wound cleaning. Generous packs of 5 instead of only 3. Individually wrapped.
33. FACP Case Premium (size: Size: 32cmW x 20cmH x 15cmD) with multiple see-through compartments, large front pocket and an adjustable heavy-duty shoulder/waist strap for additional use as a shoulder bag or large bum-bag. First aid labelling/signage according to Australian Standards.

Additional Items which should be added based on risk assessments for:
Outdoor risk - 10cm heavy weight elasticized crepe bandage.
Remote risk - Torch, whistle, additional emergency thermo blankets, hydrogel dressings, 3 additional hydrogel sachets, clean polythene burn sheets.
Burns risk - Extra 3 hydro gel burn sachets, 2 10x10cm hydro gel burn dressings, clean polythene burn sheets (small, medium, large) & burn treatment card & poster.

Therapeutic Goods Administration Registered
ARTG 129950 First Aid Kits- GMDN Code 11723
Brands &/or specifications may alter slightly at times.

Supplied as contents only or in a container from our range - please check the product codes to ensure you get what you need.

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Below is the SafeWork Australia Essential Kit in FABM First Aid Box Medium: Code FAKSWEM
Closed dimensions approx. 40cmL x 23cmW x 20cmH

Below is the SafeWork Australia Essential Kit in FABPP First Aid Backpack Premium: Code FAKSWEBP
Size: 38cmH x 30cmW x 17cmD

Below is the SafeWork Australia Essential Kit supplied in a Wall Cabinet: Simply order FAKSWEW
Size: 28cmW x 44cmH x 14cmD