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Code FAVR - First Aid Vest Regular Size (up to approx. 102cm chest - approx. S&M to L adult in-store size)
Code FAVL - First Aid Vest Large Size (up to approximately 137cm chest (approx. L to XXXL adult in-store size)
Code VR - Vest Regular Size (no print - up to approx. 102cm chest - approx. S&M to L adult in-store size)
Code VL - Vest Large Size (no print - up to approximately 137cm chest (approx. L to XXXL adult in-store size)

All meeting Australian Standards for High Visibility D/N Garments AS NZS 4602.1-2011_A1-16 November 2016 Amendment

Are you using hi-visibility vests in your workplace bought before 2017? Do your current vests have a label without Australian Standards mentioned? If you answered YES to either or both of these questions, then you should be updating your vests immediately!

2 Sizes to fit all - Regular or Large. Tod Waddington is modelling the Regular sized vest which is comfortably loose fitting for his slim body size. Tod stands about 180cm tall and has 95cm chest. If he was wearing more clothing, the vest will expand slightly at the velcro-like fastening. The clever built-in fastening allows approximately 3cm adjustment either way of neutral size. Therefore, in the case of our model, if you have a larger chest/waist measurement than 105cm, you will most likely need the Large size. Vests must be loose fitting enough to allow for ease of movement and layers of clothing underneath. These vests have a unique double width velcro-like fastening to allow widening or closing tighter, thus allowing for a standard in store size either way. This means the Regular size vest can close tighter for smaller sized people whilst still complying with the minimum high visibility garment visible area, or expand slightly for larger in-store S, M and L size. The Large size vest also has this flexibility. It can close tighter for in-store XL and fasten in its widest state for an approximate XXXL in-store size.

These vests comply with the NEW Australian Standards for High Visibility Garments AS NZS 4602.1(including Nov 2016 Amendment released Dec 2016), as well as the European Standards, for day time and night time use. The highly special fluorescent yellow-green colour of these vests meets the required surface area and the highly designated chromaticity level for day time use. This specific colour also ensures the largest proportions of the colour blind population (approximately 8% of all males alone and .5% of females) will still see a stand-out shade of yellow which can not be accomplished better with alternative colours such as red, darker green or orange. Our vests also have more reflective material than the minimum required under the Australian Standard for increased low-light and night time safety.

The First Aid printed version (as show above) instantly identifies the official first aid person at your site without having them look like construction or road workers. In fact, no one else supplies vests teaming such a distinctive high chromaticity level fluorescent yellow-green with the special first aid green edging. The first aid print panels comply with Australian Standards for first aid colour, recognition and signage. Each first aid vest has two smart "First Aid" print panels, smaller on the front and larger on the back. The smaller "First Aid" print panel ID on the front is your official and trusted badge of recognition. The large rear "First Aid" panel with its bright white cross and lettering against official first aid green background is visible from a long distance. Whether seen from front or back, everyone knows what the person wearing this vest is there for. Smart first aid green trim edging on all the vests and night-time high visibility reflective 5cm CE certified safety striping front and back. Even during day time, these vests 'light up' when in front of a light source (as shown above). These vests exceed the minimum reflective area for high visibility vests according to the new Australian Standards or High Visibility Garments AS NZS 4602.1(including November 2016 Amendment - released December 2016).

We also have traditional corporate style vests in stock - click here - Large size remaining.

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