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FAVCR - First Aid Vest Corporate Regular Size (up to approx. 102cm chest - approx. M to L adult in-store size)
FAVCXL - First Aid Vest Corporate X Large Size (up to approximately 137cm chest (approx. L to XXXL adult in-store size)


2 Sizes to fit all. Tod Waddington is modeling the Regular sized vest which is comfortably loose fitting for his body size. Tod stands 172cm tall and has 92cm chest. Test trials of the X L size vest demonstrated that a lady standing as tall as Tod, needed the larger size due to chest size. Vests must be loose fitting enough to allow for ease of movement and layers of clothing underneath.

Instantly identifies the official first aid persons at your site without having them look like construction workers. Smart first aid safety vest manufactured in the UK to our unique specifications. Colour and print complies with Australian Standards for first aid recognition and signage. Double woven 100% polyester first aid green vest with Australian Standards first aid identification printed front and back (white cross on green background with bold "First Aid" lettering visible from a long distance). Smart black trim edging. Night-time high visibility reflective 5cm CE certified safety striping front and back. Even during daylight, this vest 'lights up' when in front of light source. Regular size fits those with a chest measurement up to approx.102 cm chest (M to L in-store size). X Large size to fit all with chest 102 to 137cm (L to XXXL in-store size). If you find either size is not exact fitting and you desire a tailored look, the vests are easily slimmed down by simply running stitching up the inside sides, which also make them flexible should someone bigger need to let them out. However, please note that vests are usually worn over other clothing and should not be restrictive. The Regular size provides the minimum allowable reflective tape area for night use and the Extra Large size can be taken in up to approx. 8cm either side to remain night time compliant.

Dye sublimation is used to print these vests, a digital technique which uses extreme heat and pressure to fuse the printing into the garment. This means it will not fade or crack even when washed & ironed if necessary (cool iron).

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