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You can email, phone, fax or post an order through to us. Phone (08) 85368000 or Fax (08) 85368001. Our postal address is 11 Walsh Avenue STRATHALBYN SA 5255.

You can easily order via our website even if you don't have an account with us. Click Teaching Resources/Software, First Aid Products, Coach Express or Juke Box department categories in our website menu depending on the item(s) you require. If you have an account and login password, click Login/Order Online in the above menu. You can order items across departments by starting in one department then using the "Other Products", "Top" or "Search All" product buttons. Your ordered items will list at the top of the screen. You can click the down arrow to have them list at the bottom of your screen if you prefer. Add quantity for any item and click the cart button to add. Click View Cart then click Submit or Checkout button to complete the ordering process which includes ways to pay.

Registering software requires its purchase. Purchases of software on disk automatically includes registration. If you wish to register school related software, click Teaching Resources/Software for eBooks, eReaders, Reader Express, Raffle Ticket Machine and School Data Express. For registering Coach Express, click Coach Express, for Jukebox software, click Jukebox. The registered Username is generally attributed to the purchaser and their suburb/town and State. Some registered users like to have software registered in the name of an organization. Registered is only attributed to one site within a large organization. Other sites within a large organization have to register their own copy individually according to their suburb/town and State. Use the Delivery fields to tell us your preferred  username for registration otherwise we will create the username using the account holder and/or the person/organisation's name ordering.

If individual/single teacher ebook registration is ordered, it will be deemed all ebooks purchased are to be registered/stamped to the individual teacher unless we are notified otherwise. If whole school registration is ordered, it will be deemed all ebooks purchased are to be registered/stamped with the school name unless we are notified otherwise.


During the checkout process, you will be given a choice of freight options. The freight free option for software registration with unlock code refers only to software programs (e.g. School Data Express, Reader Express, Coach Express, Raffle Ticket Machine and the Jukebox programs) that you can freely download from our website and unlock using the code we email you after purchase. All other products have to be physically delivered to you (e.g. publications which are books, ebooks, first aid items etc...), or hosted on a server in the case of ebooks. Therefore, you must select a freight option for delivery that applies to your purchase. Where a customer has selected the freight free option for a product purchase that needs to be physically freighted, or hosted on a server, we reserve the right to apply delivery costs and charge it in line with the correct charge and/or we may provide the download option but any free items offered may not be included. Free ebook/software items only supplied on disk as the free item data exceeds 1 Gigabyte.


If you are looking for a First Aid product, click First Aid Products in the above menu and use the Search All field to find it. You can also enter a product code to find a specific item. If you wish to view a range of products, make your search word(s) more general. For example:

- To find all bandages, search for "bandage".

- To view all first aid kits and first aid container options, search for "first aid".

If you are looking for our teaching books or software, click Teaching Resources in the top menu.


Simply click the link on our homepage relating to the program you wish to download. Most teaching related programs are in the Teaching Resources link. You can then use the Next Page link (found at the bottom of each page) to navigate through the items or use the Search All field to bring up the exact program. Click the large "i" (for information) to view further information about the program. Click "Go to Download Area" link to go directly to the download page. Click "Download Now" to commence the download process. Downloading will start after you choose where you wish to place the file on your computer. The download file will require a decompression program (such as Winzip for Windows or Stuff-It Deluxe for Macintosh) to unzip or unstuff (Macintosh).


Most customers are automatically provided with an online customer account log in number and password after their first order from our homepage as a guest customer or if they request an online customer account via email, phone, fax or post. Your log in number is the same as your account number with us - shown on all invoices and statements. Schools who have ordered from us before will notice their online account number is the same as their current account number. Online account Customers click Order Online in the above menu or they can start ordering as a guest and will be given the option of entering their account number in during the checkout process to recall their details. This will process your order automatically under your account with us. This is a huge time saver as your account details do not need to be re-entered. You can even create quick orders (if you order various products regularly and know the codes). You will also be able to alter your account details, check the status of orders and view past transactions. If you enter as a Guest, the system will not link you to your current account and will treat you as a new customer but we will manually link your order to an existing account if you have one with us or we will create a new account for you.


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If your problem has not been answered here, email us wadd@wadd.com.au