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V3.51 October 26, 2017 (general 2018 release)
- Increased memory handling.
- Ticket and cover creation scripting re-written.
- Faster performance, especially when generating large raffles.
- Support for multiple languages.
- Additional Troubleshooting information.
- Minor enhancements and proactive debugging.

V3.3 October 16, 2009
- Easily add more information to raffle ticket butt layouts.
- Instant butt preview as you enter data
- Option to print straight run covers as well as cheque book style covers. Straight run covers match the ticket sheets and can be guillotined in one action with the number of sheets for instantly making the books ready for stapling.
- Class ID now shows automatically on covers.
- Fixed 3 ticket per page standard cover print incorrectly going to 2 ticket layout.
- Additional Troubleshooting information.
- Other minor approved enhancements as requested by registered users.

V3.1 July 24, 2007
 - Better raffle ticket butt layouts.
 - Options to remove/edit Open, Close, Drawn and Results Published date titles.
 - A prefix can now be added to the ticket numbering to distinguish ticket sales across multiple raffles.
 - Better PDF creation instructions.
 - Other minor approved enhancements as requested by registered users.

V3.03 March 22, 2007
- Added a christian name field to sellers database.
- Removed duplicate copyright info from fronts of book covers.
- Fixed a bug where Help info could disappear if book covers re-generated.

V3.02 Pre-release November 2006 for 2007 release
- Tickets now number in sequential order for any raffle book, as they are guillotined in book lots, no matter how many tickets you want per book or how many tickets you select per page!
 - Improved Sellers database. Import data into the Sellers database from another database. This will save having to re-enter data if you already have a database with people's names, class and other contact details.
 - Find, sort and print reports from the Sellers database. For example, find all the outstanding books to be returned and sort by class ready for printing and distributing to each class teacher for follow-up.
 - Built in drop-down calendars make it easier to plan and set dates.
 - Larger picture fields for various ticket layouts.
 - Better Help and button advice tips built in.
 - Improved password functioning. Turn password function on or off completely.
 - Create PDF files of ticket or cover runs (dependent on you having Filemaker Pro or a PDF print driver installed (we provide the names of 3 freely available PDF print drivers.
 - Easier to use combined with instant preview of ticket/cover designs as you enter field data, facilities to print on the backs of tickets and the options to print 2, 3, 4 or 10 tickets per page in standard or My Design formats.

Version 2 is now no longer available or supported.

V2.3 Allowed for covers to be printed regardless of whether they have been regenerated or not. If user changes their ticket layout preference mid-way, they are taken back to the preferred Raffle Global Basics layout according to the newly confirmed ticket per page number. Added more troubleshooting information.

V2.2 Streamlined print scripting when cancelling a run. Added extra troubleshooting to Help. Fixed a few minor bugs pertaining to some clear field data buttons on My Designs layouts.

V2.1 Improved cross-platform graphics.

V2.0 First release December 2004.

Version 1 is now no longer available (Dec.1, 2004) or supported.

V1.54 Extended some fields. Added extra troubleshooting info to Help. Added Standard Global buttons to Ticket Layout. Fixed some minor bugs.

V1.53 Added option to change currency symbol according to that used in your country.

V1.52 Allowed prize 1 to 4 fields to show on ticket layouts 2 and 3.

V1.5 Added a fix for easily resuming a ticket print run, from any ticket number, if a print run becomes disrupted.

V 1.4 Added buttons and information for pre-perforated paper. Fixed a few minor bugs.

V 1.3 Provided additional Help information for creating perforated paper and other Troubleshooting information.

V 1.2 Improved print scripts for Windows files.

V 1.0 First release October 2002 after trials in various sites throughout 2002.

















Windows 2000 onwards with at least 16MB of RAM. Pre-perforated paper now available! Will make your tickets look and feel even more professional. Click for more detail.

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