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Reader Express is a comprehensive book levelling software program that will run by itself on portable and/or networked computers. If you know a student's reading age, Reader Express will highlight the 'best books' for that student's ability according to the sets of books used in your school. Through our extensive reading age testing, across over 15000 student test samples, we've compiled 18 realistic, straight-forward benchmarked reading levels. These levels are also supported by comprehensive text level examples taken from reading books actually used in classrooms as well as generic text level examples (Refer to the Help section in the program for the benchmarking which also includes cross-referencing to Reading Recovery Levels). Reader Express will directly assist reading programs, resource organisation (such as the creation of classroom reading ability book boxes), LAP and special education programs as well as school-wide targeted book purchases. Once you check off the sets in your school, it will show if your school has adequate reading book sets at each age level. This software replaced our original Reading Modules publication. Reader Express is a natural follow-up resource to our popular Waddington Diagnostic Reading and Spelling Tests 1 & 2. Above screen shot is an example only. The actual program provides a very thorough listing of sets and titles commonly used in schools.

Flexibly sort, colour code and isolate readability levels for thousands of titles according to set/author. Save and recall selections for any class, group or student. Sort data according to any criteria and print a variety of lists, even little book labels. Use the on-board Flashcard Machine program to quickly generate flashcards. It comes preinstalled with the English alphabet, with black and white and colour picture clues, including our new picture clues matching our Second Edition Word Books and 200 most commonly used words. The words can be printed out as cards or word lists. This is true highway learning. Get poor performers off the meandering dirt tracks of learning to read and onto the highway fast!

You can set your own level colours and even set your own reading levels. Although we're sure you will like our straight forward approach. Why not directly involve parents in knowing their child's reading age and where they fit within the scope and sequence of reading skills acquisition. Help them to help their children during the early years without the confusion caused by levels which are difficult to understand. Reader Express will also enable set title list print outs for difficult student cases where a very careful and thorough exposure to reading matter is required. Use the Help section of Reader Express to quickly refer to reading age level examples as well as pass on useful parent specific information contained in the chapters titled, Will Nancy Ever Learn to Read? and Help, I'm Not A Teacher!

Our simple single registration allows continual version 2.x updating and a registered school can freely unlock copies for every teacher in the same school! Download this detailed resource now and see how it works, freely in demo mode. Current Version 1 users can not upgrade their existing V1 program for free. Due to the power of Reader Express, find and save functions work faster if your computer is fast. If you purchase Reader Express on USB it will include the 6 free movie lessons (also available below as free downloads). The movie lessons quickly teach all aspects of Reader Express in less than 40 minutes! A great staff training and development activity. If it's been a while since you acquainted yourself with reading book sets, text levelling, and how sets inter-relate with current reading age data, then this is the resource for you! If you simply want to gain a detailed over-view of all reading book sets and titles (hard copy and electronic ebooks) used in your school, then Reader Express will help you achieve that goal.

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The program consists of 2 main windows - Sets and Titles.

1. Click the All Sets tab, then clear all Internal Set checkboxes by clicking the little white square side of the All button. This removes the checkbox cross for all sets, essentially telling the program you have no sets selected yet.
2. Checkbox all the sets in your school or classroom. You can use the scroll bar to find them or you can click the Set Edit tab and click the find button to find certain set names (Click the Find button and type the name of the set you want in the set name field then click Enter or the Find button again. if the set you want is found, checkbox it as an Internal Set). Once you have checkboxed all the internal sets you require, click the 'Save Sets' button to save your selection in case you wish to recall it later on (so you do not have to find all your school or classroom sets again - you recall past saved set selections by clicking the 'Restore Sets' button).
3. Click the 'Show' button to have the book titles for all your sets show in the main ReaderEx Titles window. If you have a slow computer, it may take a minute or so to finish compiling the records.
4. Click the My Titles tab and checkbox any number of Reading Ages to show only those book titles at the reading age levels for your sets. Registered users can print out the list of titles. These list sheets are perfect for take-home reading books and/or helpers who work with students who need a controlled progression.

Click the Help button and then click the bottom Levelling examples link to see all the levels and their text examples for each reading age stage.


Understand Reader Express in around 38 minutes!

To assist people in learning how to use Reader Express, we have provided 6 training and development lessons. These lessons are like mini movies and show exactly how to work the
many functions of Reader Express. Simply double click each lesson, beginning at 1Introduction.mov, or right-click and save each file separately for viewing outside of your web browser. We have provided the lessons in 2 formats, you only need to choose the best format that works best on your computer. The MOV files provide a superior higher definition visual and sound experience.

These lessons are high quality and require the free Apple Quicktime Player for Windows or Macintosh version 3 or later. This is freely available from
Apple's homepage on the internet. These files offer the best audio and visual quality.
https://support.apple.com/kb/DL837?locale=en_US  or search Quicktime for Windows at https://www.apple.com/support/

1. Introduction.mov 11MB
2. HowItWorks.mov 71MB
3. SetUp.mov 37MB
4. EditingSetsandTitles.mov 84MB
5. TomsBooks.mov 32MB
6. BookBoxes.mov 33MB

These lessons should work on any computer using almost any media player. Quality of play back will depend on your
player. Best quality is obtained by playing the above MOV files via Quicktime.

1. Introduction.avi 18MB
2. HowItWorks.avi 97MB
3. SetUp.avi 59MB
4. EditingSetsandTitles.avi 119MB
5. TomsBooks.avi 53MB
6. BookBoxes.avi 48MB

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