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Download Area V2.01 2017 NEW VERSION 2!

By clicking download, you will obtain a free, self-running version of Reader Express that will operate in demo mode, on a single fast computer, without the need for any other software.
Demo mode runs for 30 days with some print restrictions, but
becomes the full registered version when unlocked.

File is zipped. Use decompression software such as Winzip / Freezip to decompress the file once downloaded. Do not try to open the program from the Winzip window, unzip the file fully, go to the unzipped ReaderEx folder and double-click the Reader Express Start runtime file. Please ensure you read the ReadMe file for troubleshooting when decompressed. QUICK START: To safeguard your data, the program is password protected for use in schools. The initial password is 'staff' but you can change it later. After agreeing to the Licence Agreement, type 'demo' in the username field to open the program.


Download Windows Version Now

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