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Version Update Information

V2.01 February 2017
-Updated fresh clean white appearance.
-Now contains over 22,000 sets and titles!
-Flashcard Machine (the inbuilt flash card producer) has had a major upgrade. It now includes our new second edition alphabet clues, matching the Reading & Spelling Tests Third Edition Update 1 support materials and our new student Word Books Second Edition hardcopies.

V1.61 January 2015
-Now contains 1790 sets and 18,844 titles.
Some of the new sets added include Red Rockets, Joy Cowley and Wise Up!

V1.60 January 2014
-Added EASY FAST USE GUIDE to ReadMe file
-Now contains 1,737 sets and 18,270 titles
-Added sets - Waddington eReaders Levels 0 and 1, Dragonflies, Nelson literacy Directions, PM, AlphaWorld, Flying Start to Literacy, Weird, Wild and Wonderful, Stars Of, Health and Understanding, Sparklers, Blake Novels, Reading Keys, Springboard Into Comprehension, Springboard Sprints, Macmillan Factual Readers, Springboard Connect, Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) Treetops, Legends (In Their own Lunchbox), plus many other smaller sets.

V1.59 May 2012
-Now contains 1,448 sets and 15,747 titles
-Added new sets - Bug Club, Fast Forward, Dandelions, Talisman, Totem and Tremors.

V1.58 February 2012
-Now contains 1,372 sets and 15,057 titles
-Minor enhancements

V1.53 February 2010
-Now contains 1299 sets and 14,256 titles

V1.52 February 2009
-Now contains 1284 sets and 13,997 titles

V1.50 February 2008
-Now contains 1272 sets and 13,850 titles

V1.40 February 2007
-Now contains 1181 sets and 13,050 titles
-Minor bug fixes: 8 sets were not being saved and restored. these are now operating normally.
                       :Default level colours show in the top of the table in Prefs.

V1.30 February 2006
-Now contains 1148 sets and 12,729 titles

V1.20 May 2005
A significant update.
-Now contains 1064 sets and 12,002 titles
-Updating and Importing processes are more streamlined.
-When updating, you can now import saved set selections and/or level colours from the new/master Pref file.
For example, if a central person checkboxes sets and saves them as "All Sets in SchoolDATE", any teacher can update their copy on the school's network.
-Default level colours show in a new separate non-editable display for reference purposes in the Pref file.

V1.18 Feb 2005
-Better performance when cancelling print jobs.
-Now contains 1020 sets and 11,652 titles.

V1.17 Jan 2005
-16 new sets added
-Now contains 1017 sets and 11,604 titles.

V1.16 Aug 2004
-14 titles accidentally missing reading levels in V1.15 now have them inputted.
Minor title total field alignment adjustments

V1.15 July 2004
-28 new sets and 332 new titles added.
-Now contains 1001 sets and 11,375 titles.

V1.14 Feb 2004
-Containing over 11,000 sets/titles.
-33 new sets and 427 titles added.

V1.12 Sept 2003
For Term 4, in preparation for 2004
-60 new sets added and over 700 new titles added, many newly published late 2002/early 2003.
-New extended 'New Sets' layout. Maintained in extended mode automatically when commanded.
-Extra sort option to restore sorting by Set name.
-Page numbers appear at base of Set and Title printouts.
-Colour codes in Pref file show fully.
-Program reopens where you left-off.

V1.07 Jan 2003
Minor fixes and print adjustments. Several hundred new sets and titles added for new school year.

V1.06 Mid Aug 2002
Minor fixes.

V1.05 Aug 2002
Various fixes. Extra sets and titles added.

V1.02 July 2002
First release.