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Good Morning Screen

Student Record Screen

English Subject Screen

Group Test Graphing


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Sensational New Version 3 school database software to track student achievement and daily classroom/school activities

Version 3 continues the improved way of recording and analysing student group testing data. The standalone runtime files now permit file sharing by default and the calendar function will take you to 2030. The program continues to display 6 lines of active test data for reading and spelling age testing as well as for mathematics testing. This data can also be instantly graphed! If your school tests twice yearly, the reading, spelling and math graphs will automatically show progress over a 3 year period. There are two forms of graphing. The first displays individualized data. Individual student results are graphed according to the student's own growth rates and is scaled according to their own highest and lowest scores. The second form of graphing can show growth rates of averaged data according to any find criteria you input. For example, you may want to gain a snapshot of how all the year 2 students have performed over the last 6 testing periods or you may want to see how the boys in your school are performing compared to the girls. You can even observe the progress of your entire school over time if you follow the importing procedure once individual classes start using the program over a reasonable time frame.

We have retired the dedicated network version. If you require the V3 update for your existing V2 network version, please contact us and we will assist.

So many other features: From the welcoming day screen, you can see and add to daily messages, utilize the electronic whiteboard calendar, move forward and back in days and months forever, record student absences, consents for extracurricular activities and borrowings (the students can manage the sports borrowing section!), even see who's having a birthday in the school! Go to student records for managing homework, behaviour infringements, awards, special Negotiated Curriculum Plans, even dialling/emailing parent contacts as well as printing automated envelope labels and letters to parents / students. Go to the subjects and manage assignments, tests and marks, set gradings, curriculum outlines and comments for automated reports. View past histories. Record group testing data, such as reading and spelling ages. This database calculates chronological ages automatically. Print comprehensive reports and allocate extra resources to areas of the school which are poorly performing. Automatically go to an individual student related record from the floating classes palette which dynamically displays and sorts for any home and/or subject class in the school. Each teacher's unique settings are maintained. Fully equipped for junior primary, primary, middle and secondary schooling.

This software is available below, or on USB: as standalone (fully self-running, registration only AUD$79.95ex/$87.95incGSTea or on disk $89.95ex/$98.95incGST)  Purchasers of the USB media are provided with 6 free movie lessons (total over 90 minutes) which teach you how to use all main aspects of School Data Express. Also provided is an introductory motivator training presentation for use by the trainer at the initial staff meeting. The movie lessons have proved to be excellent training and development activities.


Try the actual software free, below (in Demo mode, allowing 50 openings / 6 months use) with the peace of mind that all data you create can be retained when you enter the unlock user name and registration number after purchase.

Free version 3.x updates available here. Your version 3.x user name and unlock code will work for all version 3.x updates.

For Windows 95 onwards. For the technically minded, this database solution contains over 300 layouts, over 2000 fields, more than 120 relationships and over 900 scripts. It took more than 3 years to develop and a year to trial.

Make sure you read the ReadMe.txt file inside the main DExpress folder after downloading and unzipping the file.


School Data Express -Standalone Runtime




Understand School Data Express in around 90 minutes!
To assist people in learning how to use School Data Express, we have provided 6 training and development lessons on this disk. These lessons are like mini movies and show exactly how to work the many functions of School Data Express.
Simply double click each lesson, beginning at 1Introduction.mov,
or right-click and save each file separately for viewing outside of your web browser.

We have provided the lessons in 2 formats, you only need to choose the best format that works best on your computer. The MOV files provide superior higher definition visual and sound experience.

These lessons are high quality and require the free Apple Quicktime Player for Windows or Macintosh version 3 or later. This is freely available from
Apple's homepage on the internet. These files offer the best audio and visual quality.
https://support.apple.com/kb/DL837?locale=en_US or search Quicktime for Windows at https://www.apple.com/support/


1. Introduction.mov 32MB

2. SetUp.mov  18MB

3. Students.mov  12MB

4. MorningPage.mov  26MB

5. Subjects.mov  89MB

6. Summaries.mov  26MB

These lessons should work on any Windows computer using almost any media player. Quality of play back will depend on your
player. Best quality is obtained by playing the above MOV files via Quicktime.

1. Introduction.wmv 25MB

2. SetUp.wmv  104MB

3. Students.wmv  59MB

4. MorningPage.wmv  126MB

5. SubjectsPt1.wmv  86MB

    SubjectsPt2.wmv  79MB

6. Summaries.wmv  124MB