Bag -Ziplock 75um 50x38cm

Clear 75um heavy duty poly bag with ziplock resealable top.
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Bag -Ziplock 75um  50x38cm

Thicker 75um heavy duty ziplock plastic bag with resealable top. Internal size 50cm long x 38cm wide. Great for A4 sized items.

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Gloves -Nitrile 2 pack large

Individually wrapped pair of gloves - large size for universal fit, especially important for first aid kits. Nitrile, latex-free, powder-free. Nitrile is the new standard in hands-on barrier protection now used widely by those in the health industry (nurses, surgeons, doctors, ambulance paramedics etc...). A must for anyone suseptible to allergic reactions to latex - common among users of latex gloves. SafeWork Australia Code of Practice stipulates non-latex gloves to be made available to those with latex allergies, nitrile is now the better option and the reason why we phased out latex gloves in 2010.
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