Bulk pack of 50 rigid wide mouth opening emesis bags with twist-lock for closing and reopening.
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Bag -Vomit Large 1.5L Pack of 50 Bags

Medical emesis bags with firm polypropylene twist and lock rims to provide easy control, and help prevent spillage after use.

***NEW YELLOW RING COLLAR*** signifying compliance with internation standards for hazardous waste, including bio-hazard and chemical waste.

Each bag isolates splash back and has a graduated indicative measurement system to 1500ml, allowing measurement of contents. On completion of use, the bag is easily disposed of with no mess. Simply twist the bag and lock into the keyhole slot on the rim.These vomit bags compact to a small size for easy carrying or inclusion in first aid kits. A very hygienic solution when dealing with travel sickness or hazardous waste.

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