Clear-Up 100g Sachet

Sprinkle Clear-Up over spill. Use enough to absorb liquid. Wipe up with a damp sponge and/or sweep/vacuum if dry grains emerge. Repeat for stubborn marks/spills. When fully dry, sweep/vacuum residue away.
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Clear-Up 100g

One of the worst accidents you can have in a classroom, office or a room in the home, is vomiting. Sounds awful but it needn't be with a pack of Clear-Up at the ready.

Clear-Up can be sprinkled over a spill to quickly absorb liquid and bad smells. It cleans and deodorizes. It lifts off vomit, dirt and helps to combat stains in a single action the quicker you act. Just sprinkle it on, mix if necessary with a damp sponge to eliminate wetness then wipe, sweep or vacuum it away. Repeat with a second sprinkling if required. Clear-Up works well on smooth and carpet surfaces. It's clever microscopic make-up ensures that if it doesn't eliminate most of the spill straight after it's applied and wiped/vacuumed, it attaches itself to additional spillage ready to be removed when dry by wiping with a damp cloth and vacuuming remaining dry residue.

Clear-Up is a specially formulated powder to act on spills in four ways. It absorbs moisture, it deodorizes, in the case of vomit it neutralises gastric acid and then it claims dirt, oils, greasy substances and other spill debris ready for wiping, sweeping or vacuuming away on most surfaces, including carpet. After removing the bulk of the spill and wiping up with a damp sponge, in the case of carpet, the final drying process may take a day for heavy wetting. Once fully dry, final residue can be vacuumed away.

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As Clear-Up is considered low-risk/non-hazardous, under the current regulations for hazardous substances it does not require an SDS. As with any powder or dust, avoid breathing in directly at close range and use as instructed.