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Clear-Up 100g Sachet NEW FORMULA - 1c SAMPLE OFFER

NEW FORMULA! Fast spill and odour remover via multi-action. Simply sprinkle Clear-Up over to absorb moisture and claim spill. Absorbs, neutralises, deodorises and cleans. This is the official one cent sample offer (excluding delivery cost), limited to one unit per customer order.
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Absorbs - Neutralises - Deodorises - Cleans

NEW FORMULA Clear-Up has the following compared to old:

-100% more volume with less weight but more absorbency
-30% more cleaning detergent power
-Easier to mix granules which fall away from vacuum filters
-Less final residue to dry
-Same great neutralising sanitary lemon fragrance

Handy 100g sachet size. Also available in bulk 5L bottles (see CU5L).

One of the worst accidents you can have in a classroom, office or home, is vomit. Sounds awful but it needn't be with Clear-Up at the ready.

Clear-Up can be sprinkled over a spill to quickly absorb liquid and bad smells. Clear-up is unique because it contains a clever cleaning agent that neutralises acids as it also deodorizes. Clear-Up lifts off vomit, dirt and other debris, whilst also helping to combat stains in a single action the quicker you act. Just sprinkle it on, mix if necessary with a damp sponge then wipe, sweep or vacuum it away. Repeat with a second sprinkling if required. Clear-Up works well on smooth and carpeted surfaces.

Clear-Up's specially formulated granules act on spills in 4 ways. 

1. Absorbs liquids and moisture on varied surfaces via its uniquely formulated non-toxic special volcanic earth base.

2. Neutralises acids, such as gastric acid in vomit.

3. Deodorises with natural lemon extract to neutralise and remove bad smells, not simply covering them up.

4. Cleans by capturing debris, dirt, oils, grease and helps prevent stains, mould etc via its in-built detergent and sanitary agent.

Once sprinkled over the spill, it's immediately ready for wiping with a damp sponge, sweeping or vacuuming away on most surfaces, including carpet. Once fully dry, final residue can be vacuumed away. Make Clear-Up a valuable part of your cleaning routine knowing that it actively helps to make general cleaning more effective and less time consuming in the long run.

For floors, carpet spills, marks, grafitti, cars, buses, trains, planes, boats, schools, clubs, hotels, motels, shops and offices.

View Clear-Up demonstration here for vomit on carpet:

As Clear-Up is considered low-risk/non-hazardous, under changes to regulations for hazardous substances, it does not require an SDS. However, we still provide an SDS for Clear-Up new formula via this link:

As with any possibility of dust, avoid breathing in directly at close range and use as instructed.


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