Dressing - Island 20x9cm Box20

Box of 20 individually wrapped sterile non-adhesive inner 15 x 5cm dressing pad, with an adhesive "Hypafix" type surround (overall 20 x 9cm) which stretches automatically to accommodate body movement and retain position even under moist conditions.
SKU: DI2020
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Dressing - Island 20x9cm - Box 20

Box of 20 individually wrapped island dressings. Sterile non-adhesive dressing pad, with an adhesive "Hypafix" type surround which stretches automatically to body movement and tollerates moist conditions such as sweating. Perfect for occasions when a regular "Bandaid" type dressing strip is not large enough, where body areas move/stretch and/or where endurance is critical.

Central Sterile Pad 15x5cm
Outer Adhesive Surround 20x9cm