AED HeartSine SAM Defib PAD500P + Cabinet included ULTRA SPECIAL

AED - Automated External Defibrillator HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P - With Adult PAD-PAK (child use in emergency) and FREE CABINET. PLEASE NOTE - REWARD POINTS ARE NOT APPLICABLE to this ultra special once checkout processed.
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AED HeartSine SAM Defib PAD500P

AED - Automated External Defibrillator HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P - With Adult PAD-Pack Included (child use in emergency - see additional ARC guidelines below)

The most advanced defibrillator on the market that contains technology through the defib pads whether your compressions are hard and fast enough. So not only will the voice guide you through the defibrillation process, it will also tell you if you are doing the compressions effectively if CPR is required.

This unit records ECG and it can be downloaded afterwards by medical professionals.

The device is re-usable by replacing only the battery and pads module, making it more cost effective over the years. It is also capable of use for adults and children (adult battery and pads pack supplied as standard with this unit (for adults and children 8 years up or more than 25kg). Paediatric Pad-Pak sold separately for children 1 to 8 years or under 25kg). However, if you do not have a child Paediatric Pad-Pak, the Adult Pad-Pak can be used on children as per ARC Guideline:  

(Guideline 7, 4.2) “If the AED does not have a paediatric mode or paediatric pads then it is reasonable to proceed with standard adult AED pads. Ensure the pads do not touch each other on the child’s chest. Apply the pad firmly to the bare chest in the anterior-lateral position. If the pads are too large and there is a danger of pad-to-pad arcing, use the front-back position (antero-posterior): one pad placed on the upper back (between the shoulder blades) and the other pad on the front of the chest, if possible slightly to the left”

-8 year warranty
-Long PAD-PAK life from date of manufature
-Languages selectable
-Visual as well as audible prompts.
-Convenient carry case and storage space for other items.
-One of the smallest and lightest on the market, thanks to the Pad-Pak concept.
-Tough, durable, rugged (highest IP ratings in industry - in moist, wet, dusty, dirty conditions)
-Auto self-test function
-Software upgrades possible on site.
-If you have a genuine event, a replacement PAD-Pak is provided free (subject to some simple terms and conditions).
-Made in Ireland by the inventors of the world's first portable defibrillator. 

Special carry case included. 

More information:

Read more about AEDs from this Australian Resuscitation Council information: 

ARC link to updates:


AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm and Strobe Light

Wall mountable AED wall cabinet with alarm and flashing strobe light which activates when AED removed to alert others to help, as well as protecting your AED from damage or theft.

  • Suitable for use in schools, corporate, industrial or small business environments. 
  • Size: 420 x 380 x 150mm
  • Built in signage
  • Made to last enamel coated metal cabinet