Software Terms of Use & Copyright

Our eBooks and other software are deemed registered to the purchaser once paid at checkout, which involves acceptance of our Terms, and at point of download which also requires acceptance of our Terms of Service and Copyright. Please ensure you keep a back-up copy of your software. Replacement of lost, damaged and/or misplaced software is only possible via customer purchase of the current version/edition available.

The buyer/user agrees to abide by the following:

Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), you may not reproduce or communicate any of the contents of these publications, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

You may be entitled to reproduce or communicate from these publications for educational purposes under Part VB of the Copyright Act, or for government purposes under Part VII Division 2 of the Copyright Act. For more information, contact us or visit and Any and all reproductions made from these publications during copyright sampling must be documented and acknowledged to author Neil J Waddington or the copyright owner stated on the page.

No part of these publications may be disassembled or used in any other way without permission. Any reproductions made, if permissible, must preserve any embedded user registration identification.

Please note that our copyright provisions may alter without notice over time and such alterations will take precedence and be enforceable over any earlier provisions.

We rely heavily on users (e.g. schools) attributing any copying of our works to the author when they are surveyed by copyright collecting agencies, as the sales of our resources alone do not cover the cost of their development. For example, the Waddington Diagnostic Standard and Advanced Reading and Spelling Tests 1 & 2 Third Edition took over 3 years to create. The sales of that ebook, either registered to a school or an individual, does not cover its development cost alone. That is why we rely heavily on users recording and attributing any copying if sampled by copyright agencies. By doing this, you help the vast majority of schools and individuals to buy our resources at a reasonably low cost and then being able to copy what they need under Statutory Licence, when they need it, without time limiting or annual subscription restrictions - as long as that copying is attributed when sampled. Like we say, we rely on YOU!