First Aid

Our First Aid Business Operations have moved to Melbourne, Victoria and have been taken over by Trusted First Aid (Incorporating School First Aid). For First Aid - Please go to: 

We're minimising any disruption for all first aid customers.

The new Trusted First Aid (Incorporating School First Aid) site, will allow you to login with your same username and password. All the products are the same, with the same codes you are used to, along with the same processing, invoicing, emailing and delivery service. Your Reward Points will be the same. We've even doubled every customer's existing Reward Points by preserving them here (for our educational supplies) and applying every customer's existing Reward Points value to the new first aid service centre. When you start ordering first aid items on the new website, the only main change will be the new Trusted First Aid (Incorporating School First Aid) contacts and payment details on their website and invoices.

Kind regards,

Neil Waddington