Gift Cards, Reward Points, Free Gifts & Special Offers

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are redeemable within 3 years (1095 days) from date of purchase via our web site toward the purchase of eligible products.


Reward Points

Every AU$10.00 you spend with us on any products (not including postage/handling or surcharges/fees), as a registered retail customer ordering online, rewards you with 10 points, where each point is valued at .02c. Points accumulated will show on your shopping cart and they can be redeemed against any product(s). Minimum 100 points per redemption.


Free Gifts & Special Offers

Free gifts, special offers (including tiered prices) and giveaways advertised on our website, or elsewhere, are based on our regular list prices, customer orders placed directly with us and are not given in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, or sales made elsewhere Tiered prices are provided for customers who order via our website.

At times, rewards, free gifts and offers may change without notice. Please contact us if you think we have got something wrong.