Alphabet Cards/Posters -2nd Edition eBook

All new photographic picture clues! Print to card for use as a large book or room display
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Alphabet Cards/Posters 2nd Edition eBook

These cards/poster pages may be printed under Educational Statutory Licence and used as a large book in the reading corner, or they can be reproduced for whole room display. Modern Australian Beginner's Alphabet style. Style and pictures match those given in the Waddington Diagnostic Standard and Advanced Reading and Spelling Tests 1 & 2 Third Edition Update 1 and the latest Waddington student Word Book Second Edition hard copies.

All letters are accompanied by appropriate picture clues that students quickly identify without confusion. Bright full colour photographic representations used for pictures.

This eBook PDF document can be used on any computer and instructions are given on disk for easy installation on iPad devices.

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