CVC Resource eBook 6 apipopupaxixox

Last in a 6 ebook set carefully covering vital CVC (consonant - vowel - consonant : -ap -ip -op -up -ax -ix -ox) 3 letter word combinations to help develop early stages of reading, spelling and general written language.
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CVC Resource eBook 6 : ap -ip -op -up -ax -ix -ox

Last in a set of 6 ebooks covering the vital CVC (Consonant - Vowel - Consonant) stage of written English language development. They directly aid student transition from understanding the alphabet sounds and symbols to learning basic three letter, phonetically regular, words. Excellent activities for junior primary classes. Difficult special education student cases will also develop substantial skills using this program. Page formatting allows easy enlargement onto different media via Educational Statutory Licence duplication provisions. Clear, sensible illustrations.

These ebooks follow a formula so each sound is represented by a LSSCWC sheet, making activities, an A3 booklet, extension sheets and revision sheets. Many valuable activities, arranged in such a logical and direct fashion, that all students will be busy regardless of their functional ability. Packed with technology making, puzzles, matching, crosswords, mazes ... 48p