2 Letter Initial Sounds eBook 3

Last in a set of 3 ebooks covering the following 2 letter initial sound blends : sn-, sp- st-, sw-, sk-, tw-, kn-, qu- and wh-.
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2 Letter Initial Sounds Resource eBook 3 : sn-, sp- st-, sw-, sk-, tw-, kn-, qu- and wh-.

eBook 3 out of a set of 3 ebooks covering the two letter initial sound blends in words. The work in these ebooks will progress students from the CVC stage to developing their understanding of how more complex words can be tackled. Particularly useful for students who need very careful and systematic learning stages. Graded pages for students of all abilities. Even very difficult student cases will develop substantial skills using this program. Page formatting allows easy enlargement. Clear, sensible illustrations which are welcoming to children.

All ebooks follow a consistent formula where each phonic structure is represented by:
- a LSSCWC (Look, Say, Sound, Cover, Write, Check) sheet
- a sheet of making activities (sometimes divided into more than one activity for enlarging 141% onto separate A4 sheets)
- A3 booklet (4 A4 sheets of easy instruction work)
- 2 A4 extension sheets which contain harder instructions and more challenging activities.

Everything is arranged in such a logical and direct fashion, that all students will be busy regardless of their functional ability. Packed with technology making, puzzles, matching tasks, crosswords, mazes, wonderwords, quiz masters and even some easy cooking recipes.

This eBook is a basic PDF document and can be used on any computer. Instructions are given for easy installation on mobile devices such as iPads.